• Software OutSourcing
  • Assigned Team
  • Staff Augmentation
Software Outsourcing
What is Software Outsourcing

Allows your company to execute an entire projects using our resources. In some cases, this can also take the form of “out tasking”, where specific tasks of a project might be outsourced to us.

  • Reduce training costs: Training and skill development is our responsibility.
  • Best practices: Taking advantage of industry best practices can be accomplished simply by using an outsourcer who follows best practices. We assume the responsibility of investing in the adoption, maintenance and improvement of best practices.
  • Reduce management overhead: Team management is our responsibility, not yours.
  • Results centric model: We are responsables for delivering results. Your company is buying results, so we are sharing in the risk and rewards of the IT project.
Assigned Team
What is Assigned team

Our specialists are chosen according to their experience and skillsets to match your companie's needs. You may decide to manage the team from your side, or to assign to our project manager to coordinate the communication process.

  • Full control over the management of the team.
  • Assigned team members have a deep understanding of your project and business goals.
  • The team is stable and is fully dedicated to you.
  • It's ideal when you need a software development partner with an adaptable business model.
Staff Augmentation
What is Staff Augmentation

Your company can add our staff to your IT teams, based on the skills required to support your IT Department initiatives. You don't hire people...we do.

  • Control over staff: If you need to closely manage people, staff augmentation is ideal.
  • Integration with internal processes: Your company can find it more effective to integrate our staff with your existing business processes, rather than to align those processes with external project teams. After all, an individual can adapt more quickly to the processes of an organization than two separate organizations can align with each other.
  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills: Your company avoids the cost of investing in internal skill development.
  • Rapidly changing needs: Companies with staffing needs in constant changes can solve those needs through staff augmentation. It’s relatively easy to add or remove resources to match demand.

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