Taxi Central Administration

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The Challenge

An association made-up a group of taxi drivers expressed the need to improve the assignment of reservations and trips while the cars are at their stopping place.

They wanted that all customer's phone calls made to the central office can be assigned to the nearest taxi stop to the passenger's address, avoiding taxis to constantly drive all over the city.


An API was developed and published in a cloud provider. It's consumed by the web and the android apps.

The web is used to manage taxis, drivers, owners, customers calls to the call center, where the requested addresses are registered and trips can be assigned to the first free taxi at the nearest stop.

For taxi drivers there's a mobile app, which receives the trip assignments, sends its current location, set as free or accupied.

Also, every working taxi can be seen on a map in the web in realtime.


Now the central have real time information about the position of taxis on a map, so they can make better trip allocation decisions. Also, taxi drivers are better organized in each stop, and they only need to wait for a notification about a new trip and decide if they accept it or not (according to their vehicles features).

Solution diagram


Technologies involved

aspnet mvc
sql server

Web Screen captures

Radio Taxi Administration
Radio Taxi Administration
Radio Taxi Administration

Android App Screens Captures

Radio Taxi App 1
Radio Taxi App 2
Radio Taxi App 3