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The Challenge

Due to the great expansion during the past years throughout the north of Argentina, a food products factory requires a comprehensive management system to register all their processes, such as purchases and suppliers, supplies, manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales, customers, cash, banks, etc.

In addition, it is required to connect to physical devices (scales, readers) in the production and dispatch area.

Also, they required that their customers (icecream shops) be able to place orders from an app.


An API was developed and published in Azure. It's consumed by the web, desktop and android apps.

The web app is used for a comprehensive management of the factory together. From here it can be managed: Suppliers, Purchases, Disptachs, Payments to Suppliers and their account status, Production, Stock, Warehouses, Supplies, Manufactured Products, Recipes, Distribution, Deliveries, Customer orders.

The desktop app is used in the production and shipping area. It connects to physical devices such as scales (to obtain the production items, weights and quantities) and scanners (in the dispatch area to validate the content of the pallet with the delivery note).

An Android app developed with Xamarin is used at shops. Here they can place orders, chat with sales and cashing information.


After implementing the solution, the client now has better control of the inputs, the production process and the elaborated products.

The manufacturing process is much faster, since the production data is readed directly from the scales, and in addition, the quantity and weight produced are accurately obtained.

Also, now is not required to have dedicated staff to serve customer orders by phone, since they can place orders at any time.

Solution diagram


Technologies involved

aspnet mvc

Web Screen captures

ERP Web 1
ERP Web 2
ERP Web 3
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Desktop Screens Captures

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Android App Screens Captures

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