Bank Promotions System

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The Challenge

A bank with several credit card brands, a proprietary card, debit cards and an electronic wallet wants an unified system to publish all promotions related to these products.

Promotions are managed from different systems (depending on the brand or type of card), therefore, importing data from several sources with different formats must be considered.


A web system was developed in ASP.NET core, which has a public section where customers can search for promotions and also a backend for administration and data management.

In addition, in order to update the promotions from the different sources, a Windows Service was developed to process the different formats according to the source.

The whole system follows the Central Bank security guidelines (such as auditing, authentication with Windows AD, etc.).

The goal was giving their customers access to the site from any device (PCs, phones or tablets), so they can easily search promotions by card or or other payment type, retailer, kind business, location, etc.


The bank now has an unified channel to advertise all promotions, allowing users to access from any device to check them. This means: less work for the bank employees and happier customers by getting information about promotions just when they are launched.

In addition, marketing campaigns (email, facebook, instagram, etc.) now have direct links to the specific promotion to which the advertise refers.

Also, traffic to the system has been growing month by month, and, at the same time, they've reduced the contacts from clients (chat and/or whatsapp) who needed more information about the current promotions.

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