Geniar is a dynamic and innovative company focused on the use of new technologies dedicated to consulting, system development and applications on the Internet.
This company was founded in 2004 and was born out of remote development projects for foreign countries, and also out of the existing local need for information management, consulting and service provision in companies. We have a team of responsible professionals, capable of constantly adapting to new market trends that is always in aggressive and rapid change. The Geniar team has a solid training in constant improvement and is prepared to offer you the best solution strategies to the client’s problem.
Our goal is for our clients to make intelligent technological decisions that allow them, with the right information, at the right time, to make better business decisions.
For this reason, we have strategic alliances with external organizations specialized in different fields, so that together, we can provide the best solution that best suits the case. We firmly believe that quality work and customer service build a strong foundation of trust and security in the business relationship. Thanks to our clients, they make us want to be better people and professionals to give them the service they deserve.
We are pleased to put at your disposal all our security, potential and experience in the computer and Internet area.